Throw on your sneakers because it's time to do some walking! Come out and join us on a 1.5 mile course through the park to raise funds to support the mission and programs of the Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania. The day will be jam-packed with entertaining games, huge prizes, upbeat music, cooling refreshments, and fun for the whole family. Don't miss out on this event click here for directions! New this year: Every individual who registers before June 15th receives a t-shirt with registration. Starting June 15th, only individual registrants raising $25 and over will receive a walk t-shirt. 

Saturday Morning, September 30, 2017
9:00 a.m. Registration opens; vendor fair and activities begin
10:00 a.m. Kids Dash for Kids 12 and Under 
10:20 a.m. Programs begin
11:00 a.m. Walk begins

Teams raising $2,500 or more by August 15th
in the running for a Gateway Clipper Captains Dinner for two.
Teams raising $5,000 or more by September 15th, in the running for a night out in the North Shore including dinner, passes to the Warhol Museum, and a one night stay at the Parador Inn historic bed and breakfast.

A Message From One of Our Dedicated Teams

Kathy started the “Mercer Marchers” team this year, currently 17 members strong and growing, along with her Delay the Disease class at Cool Springs Fitness. 

She first learned of PFWPA and the Step Forward Walk while taking part in the class after being diagnosed in 2016.  In her words, “I decided to do the Walk because I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in September and it was really an eye-opener for me.  At Cool Springs Fitness, we have one of the best programs in the country, Delay the Disease, so I’m very fortunate that it’s there.  Just meeting other people with Parkinson’s has been a big help.  As a group, you lift each other up.  Hopefully, the Walk will provide us with an opportunity to meet other people with the same cross to bear.” 

When asked what was making her team such a success, Kathy shared, “People are very willing to help- you just have to ask.  Everyone has been amazing.  And I’m certainly not the only one raising money for the team.”

Click here today to join PFWPA and teams like Mercer Marchers!









Tap into your creative self! Each year the T-shirts get better and better. Bond with your team by designing a cool shirt to wear so you’ll look great and have no trouble finding your friends in the crowd!

If you bring a beloved pet, why not get them in on the act? Please dress your darling pet too! We want to see everyone get in on the act and have a terrific time!! One entry per team to win the coveted Best T-Shirt Award! Brainstorm begins in 1, 2, 3.

For more information click here stepforward@pfwpa.org


GOAL: $135,000.00
Raised: $72,289.00
Walkers Activity
Allegheny Health Network$5,000.00
UPMC Pittsburgh$5,000.00
Tele Tracking$3,000.00
Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals$2,500.00
Impax Labs$2,500.00
Julian Gray Associates$2,500.00
Abbvie Pharmaceuticals$2,500.00
Health South$2,500.00
Marty Dorfner$2,350.00
Kathleen Marks$1,460.00
Luanne Radermacher$1,380.00
Colleen Follette$1,285.00
Deborah Budai$1,155.00
Parkinson Foundation Of Western PA$926.00
Chuck Andrews $870.00
Caitlin Lasky$750.00
Casey Kasperik$695.00
Marty Dorfner$505.00
Joseph Budai$405.00
Charlene Chesaro$305.00
Kathy Smeltzer$280.00
Robin Kamin$255.00
Nancy Rosenthal$255.00
Bethany Schacl$250.00
Grace Amorose$215.00
Caito Amorose$155.00
Kim Andrews$140.00
Mary Jo Meenen$125.00
Richard Bruckman$105.00
Carl Frankovitch$105.00
Andrea Amorose$105.00
Mark Richardson$105.00
Barbara Riehle$105.00
Bill Schmalzried$105.00
Elizabeth Bistolas$105.00
Grace Caves$105.00
Dolly Bendel$105.00
Donald Dorfner$105.00
Frank Riehle$105.00
Sharon Gretz$100.00
Brad Penrod$100.00
Jamie Schaville $100.00
Philip Schaville$100.00
Lisa Shaner$100.00
Karen Penrod$100.00
Kara Sidone $100.00
Peter Jannetta$100.00
Christopher Kelly$100.00
Glenn Broman$100.00
Claudia Broman$100.00
Gary Altman$100.00
Janet Altman$100.00
Susan Buhr$90.00
Joe Amorose$85.00
David Caves$80.00
Jim Kasperik$75.00
Brian Dorfner$55.00
Katie Back$55.00
Jason Amorose$55.00
Boston Dorfner$55.00
Richard Marks$55.00
Karen Lauer$55.00
Tom Caves$55.00
Kristen Dorfner$55.00
Sid Markovitz$55.00
Emerson Dorfner$55.00
Eileen Follette$55.00
Wayne McGovern$55.00
Stephanie Ward$55.00
Kate Geis$55.00
Carol Giangiordano$55.00
Donna Grudowski$55.00
Devin Corboy$55.00
Benjamin Herman$55.00
Thomas Delorie$55.00
Greer Greer$55.00
Sharon Kozar$55.00
Charles Silvers$55.00
Barbara McGovern$55.00
Dolores And Martin Schultz$50.00
Amy Huff$50.00
Brad Heagy$50.00
Mary Ann Reynolds$50.00
Elizabeth Elliott$45.00
Diane DiNardi$45.00
Denise Silvers$40.00
Denise Schaville$35.00
Elizabeth Wright$35.00
Courtney Williamson$35.00
Severn Wright$35.00
Mya Wright$35.00
Zander Wright$35.00
Chuck Andrews Sr$35.00
Gloria Podloski$30.00
Anna Moyer$30.00
John Podloski$30.00
Bruce Herman$30.00
Haley Silvers$30.00
Joe Hepburn$30.00
Susie McGregor$30.00
Christine Sherman$30.00
Enrique Martinez$30.00
Makynna Kingan$30.00
Mason Kingan$30.00
Jessica Schaville $30.00
Kathryn Bruckner$30.00
Zach Jones$30.00
Steven Schaville $30.00
Dave Hufnagel$30.00
Joyce Hufnagel$30.00
Jackie Jones$30.00
Teri Martinez$30.00
Kathleen Hopkins $30.00
Jamie Tully$30.00
James Cardillo$30.00
Danielle Corson$30.00
Phyllis Cardillo$30.00
Elaine Thiel$30.00
Skip Myers$25.00
Stacy Caves$25.00
Jocelyn Hudak$25.00
Jenny Amatucci$25.00
Kim Rice$25.00
Joy Wolff$25.00
Jean Wolf$25.00
Amber Kessler$25.00
Barbara Dorfner$25.00
Janet Kniedler$25.00
Terrie Myers$25.00
George Dorfner$25.00
Kristen Susany$25.00
Mario Peluso$25.00
Janine Rihmland$25.00
Anton Larter$25.00
Maggie Larter$25.00
Jill McGuire$25.00
Carol Peluso$25.00
Melody Plowey$25.00
Elena Nosal$25.00
Rodney Smail$25.00
David Nosal$25.00
Donna Szymanski$25.00
Laura Teschke$25.00
Ray Battistoni$20.00
Michelle McAndrew$15.00
John Sepac$15.00
Zachary Buhr$15.00
Matthew Buhr$15.00
Jane Dervin$10.00
Krissy DiBucci$10.00
Ann Follette$10.00
Jim Miller$10.00
Jason Miller$10.00
Jenn Griffith$10.00
Abby Beckwith$5.00
Larry Rigo$5.00
Mary Jane Battistoni$5.00
Jake Williams$5.00
Polly Rigo$5.00
Dale Reckless$5.00
Donald Whiting$5.00
Debbie Woodard$5.00
Natasha Baker$5.00
Rita Wilson$5.00
Harry Wilson$5.00
Janet Baker$5.00
Jean Reid$5.00
Krista Williams$5.00
Vicki Anthony$5.00
Kimberly Warren$5.00
Christine Sherman$5.00
Mark Thimons$5.00
Judy Wyant$5.00
Carol Sherman$5.00
Bill Sherman$5.00
Jason Sepac$5.00
Dan Aluise$5.00
Alyssa Sherman$5.00
Joshua Sherman$5.00
Karen Beckwith$5.00
Robert Yost$5.00
Aileen Adley$5.00
Angel Sulkowski$5.00
Peggy Sue Susany$5.00
Sarah Tappe$5.00
Bryan Teschke$5.00
Judith Tata$5.00
Shane Tappe$5.00
Ruth Abplanalp$5.00
Donna Sepac$5.00
Janine Weaver$5.00
Alexandria Stehle$5.00
Dena Trusiak$5.00
Jim Weber$5.00
Bonnee Wettlaufer$5.00
Nicole Romanelli$5.00
Cindy Angle$5.00
Pegi Royston$5.00
Joe Schmiedlin$5.00
Benjamin Trusiak$5.00
Julia Tracy$5.00
Colleen Tracy$5.00
Ralph Schwarz$5.00
Lisa Schwarz$5.00
Patrick Tracy$5.00
Eric Schwarz$5.00
Simon Tracy$5.00
Marge White$5.00
Paige Marie$5.00
Adam Follette$5.00
Ayla Follette$5.00
Phyllis T. Forbes$5.00
Jodie Fox$5.00
Barbara Farrell$5.00
John Burton$5.00
Bob Early$5.00
Eric Elliott$5.00
April Evans$5.00
Janet Fabyankovic$5.00
Kelly Frankovitch$5.00
David Fuller$5.00
Taylor Greco$5.00
Amy Hannahs$5.00
Mary Harper$5.00
Jamie Heagy$5.00
Hunter Grant$5.00
Cindy Goettman$5.00
Diana Gannon$5.00
Donna George$5.00
Janice George$5.00
Ann Early$5.00
John Dunning$5.00
Alicia DiIanni$5.00
Donna DiLeonardo$5.00
Nicolina DiNardi$5.00
Timothy DiNardi$5.00
Sarah Daily$5.00
Kevin Daily$5.00
Ralph Cargo$5.00
James Cooper$5.00
Gail Crosten$5.00
Harold Crosten$5.00
Alec Dorfner$5.00
Alexis Dorfner$5.00
Mason Dorfner$5.00
Rachel Dorfner$5.00
Stacy DuBois$5.00
Darlene Dunning$5.00
Carrie Burtt$5.00
Lisa Dorfner$5.00
Audrey Dorfner$5.00
Hunter Dorfner$5.00
Laura Dorfner$5.00
Kathy Heresco$5.00
Kim Herman$5.00
Frank Marks$5.00
Laura Marks$5.00
Diana Marsh$5.00
Mary Boyer$5.00
Shelby Lunn$5.00
Dayle Lunn$5.00
Dawn Kromer$5.00
Stewart Kromer$5.00
Richard Kuroski$5.00
Diane Brown$5.00
Terry Michie$5.00
Darlene Miller$5.00
Michael Pacifico$5.00
Maryann Parrish$5.00
Jeff Biondi$5.00
Jordon Bell$5.00
Jesse Bowman$5.00
John Boyer$5.00
Gary Miller$5.00
Michael Mullen$5.00
Teresa Mullen$5.00
Pam Kristoff$5.00
Erica Jackson $5.00
Bill Buhr$5.00
Bob Joestlein$5.00
Judy Joestlein$5.00
Marcey Hurst$5.00
Davina Humberson $5.00
Elissa Hoffman$5.00
Josiah Hoffman$5.00
Jack Holland$5.00
Joyce Houck$5.00
Amanda Jones$5.00
Robert Buchowski$5.00
Kimberly Knight$5.00
Bob Kopicko$5.00
Lauren Kopicko$5.00
Leah Kopicko$5.00
Corbin Knight$5.00
Brian Knight$5.00
David Kanaskie$5.00
Lexie Abplanalp$5.00
Asher Knight$5.00
Kay Pepitone$5.00
Teams Activity
FUNd a Move for Zev and Stu$9,791.00
Mercer marchers$4,660.00
Aud's Squad$4,040.00
Chuck's Mountaineers$3,395.00
GLORIA'S GANG$3,140.00
Lu's Crew$3,040.00
New Castle Movers and Groovers$1,890.00
Team Mac.$1,735.00
The 'A' Team$1,425.00
Peggy's Punchers$1,275.00
Team Uncle Gooby$850.00
Team Effie$820.00
Bellevue Brigade$750.00
Best of The Burgh Behind Bruce$740.00
Sid's Sidekicks$625.00
Team Riehle$540.00
Gait Keepers$405.00
Rosie's Riveters$381.00
Wayne's World$365.00
Pittsburgh Women with Parkinson's$340.00
Rice Team$255.00
AHN Neuroscience Institute$200.00
Proforma Spectrum Graphics$200.00
BNY Mellon$165.00
Baba Black Sheep$160.00
Brain Modulation Lab (U of Pittsburgh)$140.00
The Fullers$140.00
Strolling in the Highlands$125.00
Steel City Strollers$105.00
Piehler's Pals$100.00
John Sepac Team$75.00
MRS Physical Therapy$65.00
HealthSouth Rehab$35.00
Arnie's Awesome Army$30.00
West Penn Rehab$30.00
Bob's Brigade$15.00
Maureens Army$10.00
Darlenes Team of Hope$10.00
Team Hoffman$10.00
Miracle Movement Center$10.00
F&M Alums - Go DIPS!$5.00
Jeff B's Memorial Team$5.00
Hook's heros$5.00
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