2017 Step Forward Walk Honorees

Person with PD Honoree - Joe Amorose

​Eight years ago, the people closest to Joe Amorose, a previously active man in his sixties, knew something was wrong with his health. The anxiety of an undiagnosed health issue was difficult for Joe and his family after his PCP was unable to determine what was wrong.

What would prove to be both challenging, yet, a means of moving forward was an eventual diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

Joe is described by those who love him as a kind, family oriented and compassionate person. These qualities have proven to specifically be of benefit to both Joe and everyone in the local Parkinson’s community since his diagnosis.

His family immediately began educating themselves more about the disease when Joe’s daughter found out about the Step Forward Walk to Fight Parkinson’s. The Amorose’s have fundraised thousands of dollars for the walk every year since in hopes of not only helping Joe, but others living with PD in the area.

“The first walk was a great feeling. It was encouraging to see all of the support and the amount of people there to raise money and awareness,” said Grace Amorose, Joe’s wife.

“It’s important for our family and loved ones to support the walk because Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania is making a difference. Whether it be educational programs, exercise and support groups, or their annual conference; these programs need to exist.”

And as far as Grace’s advice for those living with PD, “Everyone’s disease looks different. Take one day at a time. Some days are better than others. Enjoy the good days.”

Meet Joe and his family for a great day on September 30th as we honor him for his consistent commitment to improving the lives of those living with PD.


Wellness and Health Honoree - Carol Giangiordano

Delay the Disease (DTD) is a fitness program that started in Columbus, OH in 2005 and has empowered thousands of people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) by targeting their symptoms and optimizing their physical function.

Carol had learned of the Delay the Disease program through a Columbus friend shortly after her brother had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  Several trips were made to the gym of David Zid, a co-founder of the program, to observe and learn how exercise effects people with PD.  David's clients shared their positive results in the regression of their symptoms and, most importantly, their immediate ability to actually fight PD.  They stressed how this sense of hope and empowerment over PD is important for all with PD to have.  Their concern for others with PD was Carol's inspiration to become a certified trainer and help those with PD in Western Pennsylvania. 

Carol became certified to teach Delay the Disease in 2014 and soon after began classes at the Coolspring Fitness Center in Mercer.  She has been part of improving the lives of people with PD ever since. 

Carol explains that the most satisfying part of her job is knowing that this program works. 

“Witnessing clients become stronger, more mobile, and proud of accomplishments is very rewarding Most recently, a gentleman struggling to get out of a chair is now doing so with more ease and confidence; and a 70+ year-old no longer able to shoot a basketball halfway to the hoop can now make 2-points! And earn cheers from the class,” explains Carol.

Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania is proud to announce Carol Giangiordano as a 2017 Step Forward Walk Honoree for her commitment to improving the lives of people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

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