Name Total Members Total Raised
AHN Neuroscience Institute35$2,055.85
Apple Box Studios1$200.00
Arnie's Awesome Army4$850.00
Aud's Squad33$6,225.00
BNY Mellon9$1,715.00
Baba Black Sheep6$330.00
Barry's Battalion7$227.00
Bellevue Brigade20$3,170.00
Best of The Burgh Behind Bruce27$3,279.00
Bob's Brigade1$15.00
Brain Modulation Lab (U of Pittsburgh)17$930.00
Captain Ricky's Crusaders1$130.00
Chuck's Mountaineers35$6,075.00
Darlenes Team of Hope22$680.00
F&M Alums - Go DIPS!4$220.00
FUNd a Move for Zev and Stu4$11,148.00
Fullers Rule13$375.00
GLORIA'S GANG14$3,090.00
Gait Keepers19$2,708.50
Grant Thornton LLP - Tax, Audit, ICS1$255.00
Grant Thornton LLP – Advisory & Recruiting5$355.00
HealthSouth Rehab6$225.00
Hook's heros2$295.00
Huffy's Bunch11$1,035.00
Jeff B's Memorial Team1$50.00
John Sepac Team10$600.00
Lu's Crew24$6,200.00
MRS Physical Therapy3$90.00
Maureens Army4$120.00
Megan's Mob for Rob6$290.00
Mercer marchers42$13,625.00
Miracle Movement Center3$1,090.00
New Castle Movers and Groovers31$5,060.00
Papa's Pals1$485.00
Papa On The Move2$15.00
Pappy's Party12$325.00
Peggy's Punchers5$1,325.00
Piehler's Pals8$1,475.00
Pittsburgh Women with Parkinson's20$745.00
Proforma Spectrum Graphics1$385.00
Rice Team7$430.00
Rose & Voltz3$610.00
Rosie's Riveters12$2,657.00
Sid's Sidekicks2$705.00
Steel City Strollers8$430.00
Strolling in the Highlands1$755.50
Team Edna!4$750.00
Team Effie4$1,045.00
Team Hoffman2$10.00
Team J2$35.00
Team Mac.13$2,332.00
Team Riehle13$1,080.00
Team Toni4$100.00
Team Uncle Gooby2$950.00
The 'A' Team25$4,004.00
The Gang5$480.00
Wayne's World5$975.00
West Penn Rehab4$60.00
burgh behind bruce1$5.00
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